1. Fund and Syndicate

TenNine VC is a dual venture capital fund. We house both a committed fund and a Syndicate of Angels. Each of TenNine VC’s investments is offered for coinvestment to our Syndicate, built around the Stanford University’s alumni network. Angels invest on per-deal basis, in areas of their expertise, interest and impact. There are no membership fees and minimum yearly commitment thresholds.

Members of our community span the global centres of science, economy, industry, policy and legislation. We join for diligence and industry analyses, invest and then join to help develop the companies we back. We leverage our collective capabilities and create the best-in-class mission and capital returns, for all.

We are globally connected. Strategically diverse. Jointly incentivised. Altruistic. Enthusiastic. Determined. Capable. Mighty polymath. Stubbornly impactful.