2. Scope

Longtermism is an ethical stance which gives priority to improving the long-term future. It is an important concept in effective altruism and serves as a primary motivation for efforts to reduce existential risks to humanity. Wikipedia.


We invest in responsible future. 

We work on profitably solving systemic societal and environmental challenges across industries, and back highly consequential hardware and software concepts with large obtainable markets, preserving the good and building the better.

We centre around two portfoliosEarth and Society. 

109 Earth portfolio supports preservation, reconciliation and regeneration of our planet’s elements, water, air, soil and the nature on it

Healthy Earth is not a wish or a temporary hype. Climate issues and pollution are urgent, important, expensive, and with increasingly severe consequences for all life which we know, human included. Examples of Earth concepts strike through Climate tech and Cleantech industries: 

 clean water,

 air quality and pollution,

 circularity, footprint and waste,

 clean energy,

 regenerative agriculture,

 built environment

109 Society portfolio builds a sustainable, prosperous future of work, consumption and mobility, through technology. Solutions we support span across:

 meaningful blockchain – infrastructure and utility,

 artificial & hybrid intelligence,

 future of work,

 longevity and quality of life – mentis et corporis,

 sustainable foods,

 mobility 20X0.

Leveraging the quality and diversity of our Angel Syndicate membership, we build centres of expertise across the range of societal topics.

We are polymath by skill, and altruists by will. We gather for sourcing, diligence and industry analyses, invest and then help develop the companies we back. 

We join leading global funds for co-investments.

Stage and cheque

We are early-stage enthusiasts and invest in traction-validated and revenue-generating concepts in Seed and A Series. We will occasionally venture into Pre-Seed and B stages.

Our initial commitments range between $50k and $500k. We will double down on winning concepts and follow our best Founders all the way to IPO.

Growth prospects

109 signifies the number of human lives we aim to positively influence, and the magic valuation we aim to reach with our ventures.

We back highly consequential companies in markets with potential to reach 100 million human lives and obtainable $100 million in revenues, and help enable technological paradigm shifts which holistically improve how humanity produces, consumes and socialises.

In addition to wiring capital, we aim to increase our ventures’ growth prospects with strategic partners and industry leaders, customers and co-investors. 109 Angels and LPs join us with aligned mission and asset incentives, optimising for outsized outcomes.


We look for trailblazers, brave visionaries who uncover and craft new paradigms and market-universes that matter. 

Our founders are creative, optimistic, empathic, powerful. Simplifying principles, reimagining methods and scaling up propositions of fundamental societal relevance. The wonderful inventors of a collectively healthy, sustainable, joyous, progressive future. Brilliant minds with luminous energy, who will inspire the betterment of tomorrow.



Our markets are big, our teams are unique, our trends are steep. Our intentions are loud, our grit is strong, our dreams are wild. We are mannered dissenters, the elegant hustlers, the first principle thinkers, the daring nerds, the confident teamsters, the social engineers. We don’t pretend. We take along. The adventurous synergists, those called LEADers.