4. Pledge

We are global, inclusive, diverse and independent. We join for impact.

We transcend national, religious and gender qualifications. We promote human achievements. We build on excellence, engagement and equality.

Our purpose

We see our recent society in a confluence of discords with nature. 

Humans are depleting all reserves of existential, societal and monetary credits. Opportunities are ubiquitous, though, for preservation and exuberance of all life which inhabits Earth, through technology or otherwise.

Those who create, discover, enable and promote planet positive initiatives stand a chance to engage in bettering the most important societal topics of our time.


With TenNine VC we are taking our own meaningful role in steering the future towards a healthy, clean, inclusive, just and prosperous global society. Inspired by Stoics we believe that future is the legacy which we create now; what we leave behind must witness our present purpose.


TenNine’s purpose is simple. 

We want to activate and direct the financial and human capital in building planet positive innovation and bettering our collective future, through venture. 

Improving a 109 lives.

1% Model

1% of all GP’s profits are donated to good causes. Selection of beneficiaries is voted by the TenNine Angel Syndicate. We are signatories of the 1% Pledge.


We engage to support 12 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

We collaborate with global expertise centres on developing future directives and frameworks for responsible venture investing and impact evaluation of the companies which we back.

Wherever we operate, we are committed to upholding and promoting professional ethics and social responsibility observance, worthy of the world we want to leave as our legacy. 

We promote equal opportunities, inclusion and diversity, throughout our own operations, services which we offer, missions which we promote and collectives which we support.