3. TenNine Syndicate.

TenNine Syndicate is our angel investment community. Syndicate members coinvest with us on per-deal basis.

Members of our community span the global centres of science, economy, industry, policy and legislation. We join for diligence and industry analyses, invest and then join to help develop the companies we back. We leverage our collective capabilities and create the best-in-class mission and capital returns, for all.

We are globally connected. Strategically diverse. Jointly incentivised. Altruistic. Enthusiastic. Determined. Capable. Mighty polymath. Stubbornly impactful.


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How it works.

We scout and diligence planet positive investments.


We dive deep into the technical moats, founder skills and dynamics, market rollout, industry intelligence and trend forecasting for each of the investments we get passionate about. We tap into our Syndicate network for added insights.Our diligence process concludes with Memos, signed off by the founder to validate our assumptions and conviction. 



Part of our secured allocation is offered to our TenNine VC Syndicate. Syndicate members receive deal by deal notifications about our investments. We provide comprehensive investment documentation and arrange a Syndicate call with the founding team. Opportunities remain open for three weeks or until allocation is filled.


We collect Syndicate investments into one SPV, professionally managed and hosted on a digital platform. TenNine VC Syndicate have one user account per platform for all investments with us.


TenNine VC at present takes no management fees. We direct all funds into target investments, deducting only administrative costs. We earn a standard carry from TenNine VC Syndicate profits, distributed directly upon exit. For our full terms and conditions, get in touch.


We target 10 investments per calendar year. 


* Only Accredited Investors can participate in TenNine VC Syndicate investments. KYC is performed by accredited SPV managers.



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