4. Portfolio.

We proudly support:

💧  DesolenatorClean water at scale, fully powered by photons. Amsterdam, London, Dubai.

♻️  BioticBiodegradable plastics as commodity. Tel Aviv.

🧬  Oasys NowPersonal health data ownership for accelerated precision medicine. Amsterdam.

💳  Fluency. Payment infrastructure for e-currencies. London.

We are curious about:

  • TXX. Soil metabolites for increased yield and carbon capture. Washington.
  • DXX. Solar ultra-early forrest fire detection. Berlin.
  • BXX. Regulated digital asset accounting. London.
  • SXX. Sustainable aviation fuels from CO2. Austin.
  • LXX. Solar two and four seater. Amsterdam.
  • GXX. In sight display for hearing impaired. San Francisco.
  • AXX. Scalable energy storage. Oslo.


We are taking a meaningful role in steering our future towards a collectively healthy, clean, inclusive, just and prosperous global society, with TenNine VC. We invest in responsible innovation.

We are as strong as our network is. We are much smarter collectively.

We believe that future is the legacy which we create now; what we leave behind must witness our present purpose.

Let’s positively impact 109 lives, together.