6. Word from a founder.

Uros. TenNine VC.

Hello, I am Uros


I founded TenNine VC after being a cofounder, advisor to startups and investor. Much before, I worked for corporations like Capgemini and Bosch.


I learned venture in Silicon Valley with VU Venture Partners. In parallel I collaborated with Seedrs and Blockchain Founders Fund as a venture partner. TenNine VC concept matured during my 18 months’ executive studies at Stanford University. Together with a Stanford colleague, we defined our dual fund model, as an opportunity to offer planet positive co-investments to the members of one of the world’s most impactful networks, the Stanford University alumni.


Ever since I entered the startup world in 2017, I am fascinated by the passion, skill and perseverance of the founders I meet. Courageous and smart, the best ones are working relentlessly to invent technologies that better the future of the world that is home to all of us. They dream and create, hustle and grind, and persevere to resolve the countless obstacles in forwarding the missions they feel as their own. I made it my professional mission to help and promote these pioneers, and leave a legacy of good while doing it.


I want to meet planet positive movers and shakers. Be you a founder, investor, limited partner, industry expert or a community leader, please get in contact with me and my colleagues at TenNine VC. We are curious to talk about societal challenges and technologies that help them, investment opportunities, insights, trends and ideas. 


In 2023 I went on to start TenNine Pro, advisory as a service. With TenNine Pro we extend our engagement to strategically and operationally help the companies which we want to see thrive. We are continuing our mission to better and grow the venture ecosystem, and positively impact one billion or more human lives. 109.



Uros Lekic

🧭 Navigator.