6. Word from the GPs.

Hello, we are Uros and Mark!


Ever since we entered the startup world, we are captivated by the passion, skill and perseverance of the founders we meet. We stay inspired by the movers & shakers who relentlessly build fundamental technologies to holistically better the future of our Earth and SocietyThese brave inventors dreamcreate, hustlegrind, and persevere to resolve the countless obstacles in forwarding the missions they feel as their own. We made it our professional purpose to help and promote the best among them, and leave a legacy of good while doing so.

We learned venture on both sides of the investment table, with international experience and networks built across the EU, the US, the UK, APAC and the Middle East. We gained experience in the Silicon Valley with VU Venture Partners and worked as Venture Partneralongside Seedrs (London, UK), Republic (New York, US), Blockchain Founders Fund (Singapore and Dubai) and Mandalay Ventures (Brisbane, AUS).

Between us two we have founded multi-million businesses, raised more than $100M for own and mentored businesses and advised and coached more than 100 startups across different sectors, stages and business models. Much earlier in our careers, we worked with large corporations like Bosch, CapGemini, Philips, ASML, Coca-Cola, NIKE, Samsung, C&A, Scotch&Soda and others. We helped develop products and services, programs, organisations and company cultures and scaled multiple multi-million dollar businesses.


We love meeting planet positive movers and shakers. Be you a founder, investor, limited partner, community leader or industry expert in the industries we support, get in contact with us. We are curious to chat about the novel technologies, global market insights and trends, and planet positive investment opportunities.

We are continuing our mission to better and grow the venture ecosystem. 

In fact, we have woven it into our name – 109 stands for one billion human lives which we want to positively impact with each of our funds. 



Uros, Mark and TenNine VC.

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